Help me Handle these Kids!!

It's just another day in your house. Your kids are sitting around not doing their chores and you are about to completely lose it. You have ignored this for long enough and now you are going to snap.

It's just another day in your classroom. There is noise all around, the kids are all chatting instead of working. You are about to go insane with frustration. They just won't do what you want them to do!

Does this sound familiar? If you are a parent or a teacher, these tips are for you:

8 Tips for Handling Kids:

How to use the law of attraction to fundamentally shift your situation
- How energy healing techniques can help them overcome their fears
- A limit setting procedure from play therapy
- Two images that will stick in your mind for helping you stick to your discipline routine,and overcoming five obstacles in enforcing boundaries with your children.
- The best way to prevent behaviour problems using a basic Montessori principle
- 3 kinds of families - which one are you?
- How to handle tantrums
- Having confidence in your own abilities to figure this out.

I'm not just sucking my thumb here. I have been a teacher for six years now and made all the mistakes you don't want to make. Along the way I started going to courses, reading books and trying different things to change my situation.

In these tips you will see information about Montessori methods, law of attraction, EFT, play therapy, Boundaries with Kids and some ideas from Barbara Coloroso, the author of “Kids are worth it! Giving your child the gift of inner discipline.”

Get the EFT audio to tap along every day in your car on your way to work.

Um... What is EFT? And why will it work for me? I hear you say.

Negative emotion is often caused by a disruption to our energy system. And that makes us less able to handle our daily hassles. And that includes the challenges that children bring us.

Now I know that this may seem a bit hard to believe. The fact is that what we know about our bodies and the way we handle our emotions are evolving. A hundred years ago, when Sherlock Holmes found blood on a staircase, he didn't know how to distinguish it from other person's. Today we can tell not only your blood type, but individual DNA.

So perhaps it isn't such a stretch to imagine in the future you may walk into your energy practitoner's office and they will have a machine to read your energy. Because technology will then enable us to see what we can't see now. (And even though we can't "see" it now, we know that there is a disruption to your energy when something is wrong).

EFT is actually very simple. It consists of affirmations and tapping on certain energy points. This uses the same energy fields that the Chinese have been working with for over 5000 years.

So.. If you want to use these tips effectively, you can "tap them in" by tapping while I speak the relevant affirmations while you continue with your busy life.

When you buy the audio of these tips, here is what you'll get:

- The eight EFT tapping script audios
- You'll immediately get the link to the pdf of all the tips to read, instead of waiting for them to come to your inbox.
- Diagram of the EFT points

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