Listen to your body...
It's the only one you've got!

Every one of us has experienced pain in one form or another.

Perhaps you get headaches, or backaches, or arthritis, or even cramps. Perhaps you have ongoing pain. Maybe you just feel called to help people in pain.

Whatever your physical problem, you may have noticed that it gets worse when you are dealing with emotional conflicts. Your body is speaking to you about what is going on inside. By ignoring your inner life, it will manifest in some physical symptom.

Of course this isn't true in every circumstance and we all need modern medicine at some point, but start watching
=> how you get sick when you are stressed,
=> how your headache comes on when you have to face that difficult situation,
=> or how it builds up in a stressful day. 


There is definitely a link between the mind and the body and it is only to your benefit to take advantage of it.

People who live with pain know that you don't need someone with false promises of taking the pain away, but someone who is willing to give you tools to manage it. And that's me.

Whatever brought you here, I believe you landed on this page for a reason. I'm so glad you will be sharing in this journey with me.

You can get these two gifts by filling in the form below:

*"Nine Ways of Dealing With Pain" 

Here you'll learn:
=> How to change your perspective on your problem.
=> How to change your pain into an object you can tap on and change its shape and colour.
=> Detecting the emotions behind the pain.
=> Dealing with the Stressful Event that caused the pain, or even if you didn't have an event, how to imagine a story connected with it.
=> How the "gain" from the "pain" can be identified and dealt with.
=> Further ideas to help from Gary Craig, the EFT founder.
=> How positive thinking can both help and hinder you.

=>A meditation so powerful it has been known to bring people out of comas and help in desperate situations.
=> What will ultimately determine your success or failure in the path of being pain free!

*"Handling Headaches: Joining Your Heart and Your Head."  This is an example of one of my Mind Body Series.Here you'll get the EFT audio to tap along to. 

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