Infertility Survival Kit

Ever wish someone gave you a survival kit to get through infertility?

Anyone who is struggling to conceive is faced with a swarm of problems so much greater than you could ever have imagined.

You feel so down because

-your body just doesn’t want to do what you want it to,

-you don’t know who to turn to,

-what to eat,

-and most of all, how to manage your emotions within this minefield.

Never fear – I’ve got just what you need.

I’ve put together a series of letters, or an ebook you can download, that can support you through this journey.

In these tips you will learn:

*Why it’s not your fault

*Where to get support

*Fertile Foods and Vitamins

*Tools for managing your unconscious

*EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and how it can help you

*A new energy healing technique – and how it can help you with fertility

*How to get yourself to expect good things to happen

*Lots of funny answers to that irritating question: So .. When are you going to have kids?



Don’t make the mistake of trying to do this all by yourself. Get the resources that you need.

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