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While you are waiting for that email in your inbox (and don't forget to click the confirm link) take a look at this. What an incredible collection. This is ideal for those in counselling professions or if you would like an incredible resource. I’ve done all the work for you on the symbolic meanings of various physical conditions, and added the Emotional Freedom Technique scripts to go with it. Each item contains both pdf and mp3.

You get the following Mind Body downloads:

Depression (Lifting up what is weighing you down) (Worth $17)

Adrenal Glands (Origins of Stress) (Worth $17)

Addiction (Dealing with life’s twists and turns) (Worth $27)

Respiration (Asthma – learning to give as well as receive) (Worth $17)

Back Pain (Standing up for who you really are) (Worth $17)

Blood Pressure (Dealing with conflict) (Worth $17)

Digestion (What’s up with your gut? Includes separate recordings of diarrhea, constipation, colitis, irritable bowl syndrome, candida. (Worth $37)

Insomnia (Letting go) (Worth $17)

Eyes (The windows to your soul) (Worth $17)

Fatigue (ME) (Finding your true purpose) (Worth $17)

Hair (How does your crowning glory reflect you?) (Worth $17)

Infection (The War Within) (Worth $27)

Joints (Are you being too rigid?) (Worth $17)

Nose/ Sinus (Getting back your creative energy) (Worth $17)

Skin (Your boundary)(Tactile and rashes recording) (Worth $27)

Worth $305!

Normally $197, you can have $100 off if you enter the discount code "ump" (understanding my pain) when you check out. Go to:

I could not fit all the pictures in! You will have to click through (above categories) to see them all...

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