Act Before You Snap!

Don't Be Like That Cat!
ACT Before You SNAP!
Are You Stressed?

Take a look at these questions, based on the stress master Dr Rahe's idea that stress is caused by life events.
1. Have you been ill a lot lately? Or do you feel sick a lot, even though you just carry on?
2. Have you been having problems at work that you feel you are not coping with? Or changes in your working conditions/ loss of your job/ retirement?
3. Have you had any large changes in your home and family life? (moving home, family member change in health, pregnancy, marriage, miscarriage/abortion, birth/adoption of child, problems with relatives, spouse change in work situation, change in relationship with spouse, divorce, death in your family)
4. Personal and Social changes? (change in education, political or religious belief, new relationship, engagement, sexual problems, accidents, hijackings or armed robbery, prison, major decisions, death of a friend)
5. Financial Changes? (change in income, loss/damage to property, major purchase e.g. car or house, credit difficulties).

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