Feedback from volunteer counselling (done anonymously by phone):
"Her situation has improved. She came not really believing in counselling but it helped her so much and she was glad she came."

Praise for "The Six Healing Sounds"
"I have done the exercise, and like it very much. It is a very quick way to get calm and balanced, and I will try to use it every day."
Wendy Sharpe, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom.

For EFT Sessions:
"Heather! Thank you again for everything. It felt amazing to open up and be so honest with you about everything right off the bat! I was able to tell you things I was never able to even confess to myself. :)
That being said, these sessions with you have been a blessing. You worked with me and made it affordable for me and were there for me when I was thousands of miles away from friends and family. I couldn't be more appreciative. It really clicked with me the other day how you said that we must accept and then ultimately, love, these seemingly negative parts of ourselves. Even when I would say the end phrase "I still deeply love and accept myself" I was still doing it with the underlying intention of "getting rid" of these aspects and changing them, because we are aware that is what happens once we do truly love and forgive ourselves (or more so it seems that our attention is just taken away from these things). But thanks to you, and your emphasizing acceptance of one's self, it finally clicked that no - we love ourselves even with these things, and we can even love these parts of ourselves as well.. they don't need to change! What a relief that has been!"
Rebecca Morris, Texas, USA.