About Heather

Heather Step has a long history of helping people in various contexts and an academic background to support these interests.

She studied a BA in English and Psychology at Rhodes University and went on to do various volunteer counselling (Life Line crisis call centre, Alternatives Pregnancy Crisis centre, courses for coping for teens at a local high school, a Hospice course, in grief and dying) all while studying her (Hons) degree in Psychology and working various jobs from waitressing to being a hotel receptionist!

In 2001 she had the opportunity to go overseas to Taiwan to teach English as a second language with a friend she'd met through the Life Line centre. 

On returning she married the love of her life, Brett, and joined up with a local church counselling house where she did further courses in basic counselling, trauma, working with kids going through divorce and play therapy. 

After doing a diploma in Early Childhood Education (Modern Montessori) also started working at a Montessori school; Grade 00 and then Grade 1.

Somewhere along the line she learnt about EFT and completed both Level 1 and 2 through EFT Academy of Southern Africa.

It was at this point she also spent time battling to conceive a child, but finally welcomed a boy in June 2012. She continues to blog about motherhood after infertility at http://onestepatatime.co.za.

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Meet Heather

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Heather Step