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Welcome to “Heal With Heather”! You have entered a safe zone to express yourself and chat about whatever is troubling you.
In the comfort and privacy of your own home you may type to me to your heart’s content. You may choose to write a letter—email therapy, or chat online—online counselling.
Whatever form you feel more comfortable with, I am here to listen, and bring you to a better perspective of your unique situation.

Trusting your inner voice

I never used to be a dog person. In fact I grew up with a cat. Leopold helped me through my single years and  coffee and Milo were there for me in my childless ones.

Dogs really don’t care what you look like or any of the Material Things that seem to matter to humans.

They are interested in love. They simply radiate unconditional love. Read more here.

Tapping my TSH levels down

To relieve my thyroid

 I have been super sensitive to everything related to the thyroid lately, and have come up with some plans to tap on this problem.I got the first idea from Emma Roberts. She is quite good talking about Fertility and EFT. She gets her clients to visualize their insides. Go inside your reproductive organs and do what needs to be done. Need better implantation? Get some cuddly toys. Need to unblock tubes? Imagine yourself with a hose. Read more here.

Four ways

to emotionally survive infertility

 Here are four ways to heal and suggestions to help in the emotional minefield of infertility.

Dr. Joe Dispenza, DC interviewed over 170 people from around the world who had baffled their physicians by going into spontaneous remission. His curiosity about healing and the brain led him to discover what these people had in common which he then titled the 4 pillars of health. Read more here.


Our Features

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Calm your stressful life

There is no doubt that stress is a part of life - however - are you handling yours? Take a Stess Test to find out. Stress course also available on demand.

Download my FREE Stress Ebook here.

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Survive Infertility

Survive infertility with my survival ebook/ and subscribe to my blog too. Go here.

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Healing Pain with EFT

Listen to your body - its the only one you've got.

I have put together a series on using EFT for pain plus a number of specific exercises in the shopping cart.

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Coping with kids

Drawing on my experience as a teacher, and play therapist, plus various books and workshops, I have put together a series on dealing with kids.